We’ve got you covered.


Intrepid’s Mission:  To instill Pride, Prosperity & Protection.  We do so by partnering to create a healthy and loyal workforce while protecting you from the burdens related to compliance, health of key employees, productivity and succession.

The INsider Benefits

S3: Smart Strategy System

Employee benefits are the 3rd highest expense behind payroll and rent.  Our proprietary blend of resources provides the INsight needed to help ensure you are getting the highest value out of your employee benefits INvestment! 

Education Connection

Having superior benefits means nothing unless you stay INformed.  Intrepid’s use of newsletters, videos, bulletins, booklets and portals cuts through the minutia and helps to make sure you and your employees stay up-to-date.

Total Assist

As an Intrepid INsider, your company will have a licensed dedicated account manager as your go-to person for anything insurance related.  We work with you to see how we can be INvolved so that you can focus on running your business not administering your insurance. 

Compliance Shield

From the DOL to the IRS, employers have too many compliance burdens to face on their own.  We take a proactive approach with our proprietary blend of compliance support services in order to help ensure we keep your company protected!

Partner Products

Payroll & Human Capital Management

Our integration with our payroll partners make it so that your company will never have to worry about payroll deductions again!

Business Liability & Workers Compentation

Our partners’ independent ownership allows them to provide you with a high level of personal service. Through their national network they can search the market to get you the best value in the insurance marketplace.

Human Resource Consulting & Outsourcing

Intrepid has engaged with a few key HR partners, and can recommend a firm that provides solutions to your HR needs.  Whether you need HR advice or complete outsourcing, we have the resource for you.