See what sets us apart.

Intrepid’s Mission:  INstill Pride, Prosperity & Protection.  We do so by partnering to create a healthy and loyal workforce while working to protect you from the burdens related to compliance, health of key employees, productivity and succession.

The Intrepid 7


Each client’s culture has different moving parts that makes their company unique.  We uncover those idiosyncrasies and implement a solution.  Often times the right solution isn’t conventional and hasn’t yet been ‘created’, so it’s our responsibility to think differently.


Our moral compass balances and ensures we do the right things for your business, your employees and our employees. Every time.



We blend practical experience with gut instinct to combat the constantly changing world in which we live. The result is expertise to help protect and grow your business and employees.


We devote our time and resources to learn your story, your culture and your plans for the future, giving us a strong sense of ownership in everything we do for you.


We understand your business. We understand benefits.  We implement an intentional culture and level of engagement, maintaining focus on the priorities of your organization and plan.


We are active with our clients. We are engaged and proactive. We celebrate when they jump ahead and are the first in line to offer the support they need in tougher times.


We are educators at heart.  Employees will value their benefits more once they understand what they receive and the goals that are being met.  Employers benefit from knowing their compliance and administrative needs are identified and satisfied.